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My Blood Runs Turquoise

18 Aug

I’m back from New Mexico with much to report. I had the color palette right…

…but was surprised by some other findings. There are even more galleries and more art there than I could have expected.

However, only a small sliver of the jewelry is not silver and turquoise. Woven and multicolored pieces that retailers like Urban Outfitters carry that look to be Santa Fe inspired are just that- a play on something that local artisans do not usually make.

Here are the most interesting necklaces I encountered that still incorporate blues and oranges but depart from traditional rectilinear styling (the second is from Casa Nova). They’ll pair great with a crisp white button down and jeans.

Turquoise & Pie

3 Aug

On Sunday I had the privilege of experiencing Royers restaurant in Round Top, TX (a renowned antiquing destination that is a little over an hour outside Austin). Why is this significant you ask? 2 reasons: they have some of the best chocolate chip pie I’ve ever devoured and the owner, Bud, is not afraid to pile on a full turquoise collection.

Although I would bet that Bud sports this look year round, the rest of us better max out on our turquoise wearing before summer is over in a month. Lighten up with some Royers-worthy adventurous pieces that will make everyone around you smile.

Turquoise & PieFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

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1st Dibs Wednesdays: 6/10

14 Jun

Each Wednesday, I check out 1st Dibs around lunchtime to see what new jewels have been uploaded. Here are my coral and turquoise picks for the week…again perfect for kicking up any white party ensemble.

Pair of Coral and Diamond French Rings

Turquoise Bead, Diamod and Tassel Necklace by Henry Dunay

David Webb Coral and Diamond Cocktail Ring

Angela Cummings Inlaid Turquoise Earrings

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