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I Spy Vintage Arm Candy

12 Jan


Hair Jewelry: I Went There

19 Oct

Via OscarPRGirl & Crave.

From the back counts.

Never would I...oh yes I would!

Better Late than Never

13 Oct

Moving into jewel tones for fall.

1 part tribal, 1 part mobile.

And, Wowsers!

Wow, It’s Been a While

10 Oct

Thanks for checking back in!

I’ll spare you excuses about what I’ve been up, but, trust me, it’s been one hell of a ride lately (all good things- I’m a Mrs.). If nothing else, I’d like to bring you what excites me in jewelry again via daily pictures. If you do miss the commentary, make sure to holler: heyfrostthis@gmail.com

Elbows for ya ears!

Deja vu- I've been on the honeycomb bandwagon before.

Why wouldn't you? On sale...under a crisp white shirt for fall.

Jewelry Still Lifes

20 Jun

Increasingly, I’ve been coming across jewels photographed in funny places. Rather than being shot on the body, mannequin, bust or other human-resembling form, they’re positioned against other objects to comprise still life compositions.

Any jewelry stylists out there to chime in? Is jewelry staging the new styling?

Erstwhile Jewelry Company out of NYC has a knack for placing vintage baubles just so on photographs that harken back to earlier decades. It’s not surprising that the company (family business) loves story telling since it dates back 1887 Odessa, Russia.

Their blog is just as diverse and history-rich as their wares, so check it out when you’re in the mood for a tad bit more than the jewelry porn we’ve come to expect from flash sale sites and other e-commerce destinations.

Embarcadero Breezes

12 Jun

Having grown up in the Ocean State, I was always 20 minutes away from the ocean. Now I’m fortunate enough to be one block away from the Bay and breezes into the Pacific.

It could only be better if temps passed 60.

Until then, I’ll be dreaming of warm rays and a bright palette…

Embarcadero Breezes



On the Hunt: Wedding Bands

4 Jun

So I’m looking for some pretty special wedding bands and just stumbled across these guys. Typerings from Amsterdam is clearly taking a page from the Gemvara playbook and I like it a lot.

The best feature is being able to upload your own font. Perhaps match your wedding invitation? His stationary? His handwriting?

They’re advertising free shipping through July 13th. Now only if they offered thinner bands in rose gold…


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