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1st Dibs 6/30: More Little Boxes

1 Jul

Here are some 1st Dibs eclectic, one-of-a-kind European options from the 19th and 20th centuries:

French Leather and Needlepoint Box, 1970s

French Shell Box, 1950s

Jewelry Box with Semi Precious Stones, Austria-Czechoslovakia, 1920s

Mother-of-Pearl Footed Box, England, 1800s

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Box Mashup Part II

29 Jun

For more unusual containers, conduct your online hunt without the word “box.” Instead, search for the following key words within the category of jewelry storage: armoires, cabinets, caskets, chests, dishes, hands, holders, hooks, pouches, racks, rolls, stands, trays, trunks and valets.

Any of these will brighten up and help keep a small apartment organized.

Box Mashup Part I

27 Jun

I covet a collection of iconic Cartier jewelry boxes like the one above. An equally interesting shrine can be made from less pricey receptacles though. Don’t be afraid to mix and match various shapes, styles and colors. Try stacking them in descending size order (bottom to top) on your vanity. Here are some sleek rectangular favorites:

Stay tuned for Box Mashup Part II with more “out of the box” choices…

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