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Frosting: Spotted!

10 Aug

There’s no better way to strike up a conversation with a stranger whose look you admire than to compliment her. Check out Karina from Houston, a reality tv show producer, and her amazing layered necklaces. The thicker one is made of a variety of nuts, including coconut. To make/buy your own, you want to explore tagua, walnut, rainforest and acai beads too. Thanks Karina for indulging me!

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DIY Knotted Neckline

19 Jul

Stumped by what to do with some oddly shaped vintage scarves, I created a 2 minute fabric knotting project.

Back Knot Placement

Side Knot Placement

For a step-by-step scarf how-to, Continue reading

“Worship At The Altar Of The Accessory”

17 Jun

Who better to revisit about the importance of bold accessories than Iris Apfel (courtesy of a 2009 Nordstrom video). She wears the circle so well- from her signature glasses to blankets of monochromatic beads.

Ten Thousand Villages (fair trade artisan gifts from Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East) has a fantastic selection of inexpensive chunky bead necklaces to mimic the look. Here’s a toned down way to recreate Apfel’s approach with all pieces under $40. You can snag sale items on the site for as little as $3.

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