Will Code for Fashion

6 Aug

A guest post from my friend Summer, a dedicated personal Facebooker who recently turned pro…

The fashion forward techy is a rare breed. Mashable must have been having a slow day since the folks there recently rounded up jewelry gifts for the geek who already has every 2.0+ gadget before you can gift wrap it. Since some items are more ready-to-wear than others, so here are my styling tips that will likely invite office commentary.

At Peace

Wear an equally recognizeable sign on an adjacent knuckle for spiritual ‘at peace’ relief.

Crew & Apple

Fasten one on a blazer  as part of the pin-a-holic Fall 2010 J-Crew look.

Binary Love

With 17% of marriages stemming from online dating, the love ring written in binary code is a cute way to celebrate the machine that brought you and your #1 together. Stick to a more iconic love symbol for everyday purposes though.

400px;height:400px;”>At PeaceFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

At Peace by elizabethsigal@gmail.com on Polyvore.com


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